Revision Guidelines

You are allowed to revise your formal pieces for the final portfolio. You don’t have to, but if you choose to, you have two options. The first requires more of you, but might allow you to improve your grade more than the somewhat superficial second option. Either way, the revisions are due in the final portfolio, not before. I am happy, however, to meet with you anytime to discuss your drafts. Here are the two options:

Option One for Revision
If you choose this option for any of your workshop pieces, you need to submit a proposal to me that is meant to convince me that you have a master plan for real, serious revision. To do this, you will need to submit paper copies to me of two things:

1. A 200 word description of what your plans are for revision.
2. The copy of the draft with my comments OR the note that I wrote to you about the piece (depending on which you received from me).

I will take a look at your plan and if I think it makes sense, that is, it suggests more than just superficial “cleaning up," then I will okay it. If I okay it, then you can carry on with your plan, or we can meet to discuss your plan further if you like. In either case, though, the absolute final version will be due at the end of the semester in the portfolio, and I will regrade the story/essay/poems wholesale (though understand that your grade cannot go down). You can move from a C- to an A, if the improvement is that great.
On the other hand, if I don’t okay the proposal, then, well, sorry: you are not able to revise the story/essay/poems and your grade stands, or you are stuck with option two.

Option Two for Revision
The second way you can improve your grade, as I suggest above, is an easier and somewhat more superficial approach. If you don’t want to go through the rigmarole of submitting a proposal to revise, and if it’s not important to you to potentially raise your grade by more than a third of a letter grade (B- becomes a B, B becomes a B+, etc.), then you can indeed address yourself to the comments you’ve received on your draft and do general tidying up of the story/essay/poems. I will re-grade the piece(s) with an eye toward your thoroughness in addressing my comments, and if it seems you’ve done so satisfactorily, I’ll raise the grade a third of a letter grade.

So if you decide to revise one or more of your formal pieces (by either option) you must turn in (in the final portfolio):

For Option One,
1. A print out of the Revision Plan that I have okayed.
2. Behind that, the revised story/poem(s)/essay with word REVISION in the upper left hand corner.
3. And behind that, the original copy with my comments attached.

For Option Two,
1. The revised story/poem(s)/essay with word REVISION in the upper left hand corner.
2. Behind that, the original copy with my comments attached.

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