Working in pairs, you will be asked to choose and do research on a contemporary author of poems, essays or fiction whose work is available in one of our two texts. This assignment will include familiarizing yourself with their work, generally, as well as reading AT LEAST one of their books and two interviews they have given. If you can’t find any interviews by your author, you need to change authors.

These presentations will be spaced out over the course of the semester. During the first few weeks, I would like you the two of you to choose three possible writers you are interested in and post them on the wiki under “Posts” and then “Presentation Author Wishlist” by the date given on the schedule; you and I will then negotiate which of the three you'll present on.

On the day of your presentations, we will read the story/poem/essay in the book/s for discussion.

I obviously don’t want more than one presentation on a particular author. See below for how to get started.

The nitty gritty

The presentations should be done using presentation software (i.e., PowerPoint), be between 12 and 15 minutes long (this is a strict window, which means you will need to practice your presentation several times in order to time it correctly) and should include:

1. The biography of the writer (where is she from? what does she do? where did she study? etc.).

2. Thoughts they've had about writing (taken from multiple interviews)

3. A 500 word book review of one of the author’s books. You’ll summarize the review for your presentation and turn in a paper copy in your portfolio.

5. An audio/visual element. This most likely will mean a clip or clips from an interview or a clip of the author reading a short passage of their work.

It could possibly also be a short clip from a screen adaptation of their work. This should not be more than three minutes.

Check the Schedule to see when you’ll give your presentation. Though they will occur throughout the semester, my recommendation is to get started on this immediately. In any case, you must decide which three authors you are interested in presenting on by the second week of class; I will look at your selections and, weighing the requests from the entire class, assign you the one that fits best.

Due: Post by Wednesday, January 29.

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