Presentation Author Wishlist

Brad Power/Katelyn Mattingly
1)Sarah Vowell (Shooting Dad p. 116)
2)John Updike (How Was It, Really? p.278)
3)Naomi Shihab Nye (Blood p. 336)

Arvind Srinivasan/Dylan Hadfield
1) Ursula Le Guin (84, The Creatures on My Mind)
2) Steve Martin (381, Cows in Trouble)
3) Michael Chabon (173, The Little Knife)

Morgan Strzegowski/Jessica Edwards-Smith
1) John Updike
2) Nick Hornby
3) Mark Richard

Rachel Eibling/Sadie Hogya/Henry Bernstein
1) Dave Barry (Borrrinnng! p. 18)
2) Eavan Boland (This Moment p. 297)
3) Mitch Albom (The Ninth Tuesday: We Talk About How Love Goes On p. 13)

Kareem Adams/Mariana Bromber
Ruth Ellen "Poem to a Jazz Man" 324
Tess Gallasher "Each bird Walking" 305
Cathryn Alport " That Changes Everytime" 361

Rachel Brill/Sadie Hogya
1) Lucille Clifton, 301
2) Philip K. Dick, 178
3) Francine Prose, 259

Nicole Hylton/Knakia Francis:
1. Steve Martin (pg 381)
2. Melissa Pritchard (pg 129)
3. Jacob Bronowski (pg 450)

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