Posting Assignments

In order to see the complete list of assignments for the course, see the Assignments section of the syllabus.

I ask you to upload your drafts and exercises because it's an easy place for me to find those things if I need them (usually later). But I don't typically use these versions for grading. For grading, I use the paper copy you bring to class. So, in short, you need to do both in order to get credit.

How to Upload a Draft

1. On your hard drive, name the file thus:, (e.g., gabriel.firstshortstory.february15); if you're using a Word file, it must have a .doc extension at the end
2. Click on the assignment name below (e.g., First Formal Assignment)
2. Click on "Files" button on the menu at the bottom right of this page
3. Select the File from your hard drive to upload
4. Click "Upload File"

Post Formal Assignments

1.First Formal Assignment
2.Second Formal Assignment
3.Third Formal Assignment

Post Exercises
Exercise 1(Ondaatje imitation) Mimic of Michael Ojdaante’s “7 or 8 Things I Know About Her—A Stolen Biography”
Exercise 2(bluff the listener)
Exercise 3(I Remember)
Exercise 4(Dialogue)— write a story in entirely dialogue
Exercise 5: Home— draw a picture of home and then write something about it
Exercise: 6: Mimic of "Primary Sources"
Exercise 7: Something Funny— write about anything funny

Presentation Author Wishlist

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