Much of the graded work in this course will be due at the end of the semester in a final portfolio. These will be due on the day of the final. Please organize your portfolio neatly into the sections indicated below, using a tab for each of these SEVEN sections. I would like the portfolio to be in a slender three prong portfolio (not a three ring binder)

The portfolio should include the following items (this list will be updated regularly):

1. Portfolio Introduction. A one-page, single-spaced reflection on your progress in the course, making note of any assignments that will help you characterize your experience.
2. Exercises. This includes both in and out of class exercises. I will periodically update the list of exercises that you are responsible for on the wiki here. There are seven.
3. Revision plans and Revisions of Formal Pieces. You are permitted, though not required, to revise any of your three formal pieces (essay, short story, two poems). If you turn in revisions of any kind, see Revision Guidelines (also on the syllabus).
5. VOICES Readings Write-ups. You are required to attend at least three readings put on by VOICES this semester. Here is the schedule or readings. VOICES readings are always on Thursday nights at 8:15pm; if attending will be a problem for you, let me know early in the term.
6. Responses to stories/poems/essays. During the course of the semester, you will write individual responses to the stories and poems that your team is responsible for workshopping. These should be a page single-spaced. Guidelines for responding to student work can be found here.
7. Reading and Workshop Lead Questions. In your groups, you will be responsible for generating questions to lead our reading and workshop discussions. I would like you to keep copies of the questions (there will just be one list of questions for the entire group) and I would like each member of a group to put the questions in their portfolio.
8. Book Review. As part of your oral presentation, you’ll write a 500 word book review by the author you’re spotlighting (see “Presentation” on the syllabus for more details).

Midterm Portfolio

At the midterm,you will turn in the exercises you’ve done to date. Please label each one with its appropriate number and name (For example, Exercise 1, Short-Short Exercise). I will also give you a midterm participation grade and update you on the number of absences and tardies you have at this point.

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