Ars Poetica

Please bring 16 copies for Thursday, January 28

1) In this exercise you will describe, in 250-300 or so (typed) words, what you think are the most important or interesting features of good writing. In writing this preliminary and speculative version of your own ars poetica (Latin for "The Art of Poetry") and the questions that accompany it, you will be describing tentatively a position that you will revise over the course of the semester. Being committed to experimentation means sometimes having to test your own rules. So here are some questions to address in your ars poetica, in addition to a more general concept of what defines "good writing":

What should the effects of writing be on its audience? I mean this question particularly for you. In other words, what effects of writing do you appreciate in your reading—and by extension, what effects do you want your writing to have on its readers?

What are some of the methods by which it/you would achieve these effects?

What are two or three questions you have about how to define or achieve good writing?

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